Children's Ministry

 Ages 6 - 10 years

Children are a blessing from God, and they matter to God, and for that, they matter to us as well, as our future leaders; it is our mission to nurture them into a loving and serving relationship with God.

We at Faith Community Church solemnly believe in the future of our children.   As children church leaders and teachers, we want to proclaim who God is and teach them the powers and wonders of God. Helping parents in their mission to guiding our future leaders to learn, believe, except, and love God. The word is the tool they need to build their faith in Jesus Christ, and it will teach them to be obedient and love Him for a lifetime.  We teach children that they can do all things through Christ Jesus at home, in their communities, at school, or at play. In addition that they can establish godly living in their daily lives.

We want to make a child's experience here at Faith Community Church one that is safe, fun, educating, and a growing process to become everything that God has planned for their lives.



  July 2021  
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Baked Goods Distribution
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Baked goods from Publix are available for the community. These goods are distributed immediately after Bible Study on the first Wednesday of each month. Free of charge!
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